I’m Monique, a bag lady from Sweden. Vintagerose.se is my blog where I sell and swap my vintage and pre-loved bags, accessories and sometimes the occassional rag or some other stuff that might be useful for others. Some of my bag fanatic friends also have the possibility to post, so not everything offered is sold by me. Everything on this site is however absolutely 100% authentic. No fakes or counterfeit are accepted. If you wish to post something, first send me detailed pictures or get your things verified by Purseforum, Caroldiva, My Poupette or some other skilled authenticators. I’m personally not skilled with Gucci scarves or vintage Mulberry, so there is no point to send me pictures of that kind of items.

NOTE: I’m are not in any way affiliated with the manufacturors of the items shown at the site. Everything is vintage, second hand and pre-loved, though some things are in condition as new.